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Culture is to people as water is to fish.

–An anthropology textbook that’s heavier than a plate of potstickers

Culture nowadays feels distant, like those dumplings that have only but browned on the wok. Akin to those rich pyramids of pork and chive, culture seems to overwhelm the tongue with foreign ingredients left “untamed.” It’s either a token or a class credit. In this age of cultural polarization, society has transfixed its attention on what culture represents for themselves rather than what it represents for other people.

Holidays are different. They are one-part history, one-part grandma’s ambitious storytelling. They are as much food as they are intergenerational respect. While they don’t take a sizzling pot sticker off the pan and shove it down your throat, they are still raw and real. They are just a simple scope that illuminates what culture represents for the world.

Let’s make something together.

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