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Why holidays?

About the Blog

A curated collection of legends, superstitions, customs, and delicacies of traditional holidays.

Culture need not deprive your wallet for a pricy vacation, an elaborate “ethnic” five-course meal, or a full credit class. Culture is so accessible, so much fun. Want to learn? Celebrate.

Culture is to people as water is to fish.

-An anthropology textbook heavier than your plate of potstickers.

Holidays celebrate unity. They are one-part history, one-part grandma’s ambitious storytelling. They are as much food as they are intergenerational respect. They reflect more about the core cultural values than any textbook. They are enough to keep you satiated but still wanting more.

Holidays All World Round invites guests of diverse backgrounds to write about their traditions.

You will…


the unexpected.

From detailed synopses of holidays, you will explore the culture’s most sacrosanct values and find commonalities between your own. You will be surprised by the rich history that holidays stem from; after all, festivity almost always arises out of adversity.


the unbelievable.

Our recipes run a gamut from light, tea-infused desserts to rich and unctuous cauldrons of tear-apart meat and vegetables. At the bottom of this homepage, visit the blog feed to find our latest recipes.


like Grandma threw hot chili peppers down your pants.

Blog posts are always candid, comedic, and real. Nothing like that anthropology textbook.



We aim to track the holidays of diverse backgrounds.

What do I do, and what do I advocate for?
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Who is she?

About Michaela Wang

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Holidays All Year Round

As a girl from Northern NJ, the everyday culture I find is that of the deli across the street from the 7-Eleven, which also sells Pokemon cards, Top Ramen, and instant taco powder. A writer and advocate of free knowledge, I believe that there has always been a more accessible, a priceless way to engross yourself in culture: celebration. As my Nai Nai (grandma) steamed zongzi, she told me the sensationalizing tale of the radical poet Qu Yuan and the villagers’ means to save his body rom the river. As we hung up red packets on the fireplace, I recognized the intergenerational respect passed from children to elders, and elders to children.

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