Festival de Merengue

When asked what she misses most about the DR, my mother brings up mangú breakfasts, the kindship her family built with their neighbor Dorka, and after-school beach culture. She pauses, smiles, and closes her eyes – a familiar sound begins to trill in her head. The tambura sets the beats, the accordion adds the tone,Continue reading “Festival de Merengue”

Beef and Hearts of Palm: Ode to My Taiwanese-Dominican Roots

by Jill Tang, NJ & Santo Domingo For our sixth Holidays All World Round Post, we learn about a holidays foods as rich, unctuous amalgamations of cultural cuisines and values. Yet, as a highly nomadic humans, holiday dishes are often reflections of our cultural dualities––a way for everything to come together, even our cultures. JillContinue reading “Beef and Hearts of Palm: Ode to My Taiwanese-Dominican Roots”

Ghost Month

by hiMe, Vietnamese-Australian refugee For our fifth Holidays All Year Round post, welcome Vietnamese-Australian refugee under the pseudonym hiMe. hiMe was born in Vietnam in the 60s and is of mixed ethnic Vietnamese and Chinese heritage; her father was a former Signal Corps Lieutenant Colonel of the old Saigon regime before the Saigon Fall, while her mother was a children’sContinue reading “Ghost Month”

Ancient “Gemistas” for the Greek Gods

By Evmorfia Kouri Vritzali, 11, Switzerland & Greece For our fourth Holidays All World Round post, Grecian expat Evmorfia explores how Greek foods (ambrosias) intertwine with ancient mythology to produce the richest, most nutritious meals once only for gods. Then, she’ll lead you through one of these indulgent recipes herself, full––literally and figuratively––of flavor (nectar).Continue reading “Ancient “Gemistas” for the Greek Gods”

Up Helly Aa (Up Holy Day)

by Ming Sandford, 20, Shetland Islands For our third Holidays All World Round Post, we’ll voyage to the Shetland Islands, an isolated archipelago amid the tepid waters of the North Sea. Yes, this is the breeding ground for Shetland Terrier sheepdogs, but also the birthplace of something larger: Up Helly Aa, or Up Holy Day.Continue reading “Up Helly Aa (Up Holy Day)”

Slovak Easter

by John Petrik, Connecticut USA For our second Holidays All World Round Post, let’s welcome John Petrik, a Slovakian immigrant now residing on the shores of Lake Zoar in Norwalk, Connecticut. Easter, a holiday popularized by easter egg hunts and retail clearance sales, diversify in regions of Europe. Slovak Easter brings an abundant of uniqueContinue reading “Slovak Easter”

Onam Festival

by Jen a.k.a. Haute Mommy, California USA Welcome Jen, blogger owner of The Haute Mommy Handbook . Residing in California but native to Kerala, India, Jen writes on motherhood, culture, and raising culturally appreciative and aware children. For our first Holidays All World Round post, a column for guests of diverse cultures to discuss theirContinue reading “Onam Festival”

A Melting Pot

HolidaysAllYearRound.com, as you know it, is evolving. Since our launch in 2019, I have focused on Chinese Holiday legends, dishes, and customs. Don’t worry––I will still be posting content, spilling rice everywhere in my kitchen and typing up recipes on my computer with red bean paste staining my keyboard. But now––especially during these times whenContinue reading “A Melting Pot”