DIY Paper Lanterns: 3 ways

Despite the inexhaustible varieties of Chinese Holidays, one will always find a lantern hung up on a door frame or dancing underneath telephone lines. Bright red markers of Chinese celebration swing, lanterns customarily appear during Chinese New Year, the Mid-Autumn Festival, and––omnipresently––during the Lantern Festival. It is the months between these imminent festivals that peopleContinue reading “DIY Paper Lanterns: 3 ways”

Yuan Xiao 元宵 & the Heat of the Lantern Festival

Yuan Xiao, balls of fermented glutinous rice, are the convivial heart of the holiday. Yuan Xiao bounce chubbily in boiling pots of water, its warmth sending rays of ardor.  While the cool temperature of the ball typifies readiness, teeth sink into a scorching peanut paste. Heat, the primary source to its delectability, is also aContinue reading “Yuan Xiao 元宵 & the Heat of the Lantern Festival”