A Melting Pot

HolidaysAllYearRound.com, as you know it, is evolving. Since our launch in 2019, I have focused on Chinese Holiday legends, dishes, and customs. Don’t worry––I will still be posting content, spilling rice everywhere in my kitchen and typing up recipes on my computer with red bean paste staining my keyboard. But now––especially during these times when cultural awareness is so important and ever the more intriguing––guest writers from all over the world are invited to write about their cultural traditions, celebrations, and identities. That includes you.

The website acts not only as a Chinese Holiday hub but a platform for broader cultural awareness. Cooking, eating, celebrating, and writing work in concert. Because holidays are subconscious practices of culture, you might not realize that they form a lot of our cultural embrace and understanding. But reflecting upon it on the page facilitates that realization.

I think it’s also important to mention that there’s been quite some drama on the online food scene. The Stew. The Kimchi. The New Way to Eat Ramen. These prolific, industry-defining titles highlighting the potency of cultural dishes have linked to all but white chefs. When the cultural food scene is dominated by mainstreamers and underrepresented with BIPOC chefs, the only aroma that comes through is white-washed content that tokenizes cultural ingredients and revels the praise. I want various people of color to stand up for themselves and canonize their ingredients.

This is a melting pot, a stew of diverse ingredients. It’s a lot of flavor and a lot of perspective. You’ll want to dig in.

Published by holidaysallyearround

For most cultures, holidays serve as the only opportunities in the year in which we come together: to reunite with faraway relatives, reconcile our past ancestors, and refill stomachs. And for most, holidays fall deep into history, myths, or grandma's fictitious tales that dictate the food boiling after a sacrificial ceremony to the decorations adorned on doors.

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