Holidays All Year Round

Hungry for some culture?

Culture need not deprive your wallet for a pricy vacation, an elaborate “ethnic” restaurant, or a full credit class: culture is so accessible, so much fun. Want to learn? Celebrate.


What I Share

Cooking tutorials for key holiday foods. Fun for both you and I.

Legends behind each holiday, just like how your grandma would recite it– “once upon a time” style.

Personal anecdotes that are less personal but universal for the ethnic American experience. Let’s laugh, cry, and binge along.

What You Can Reap

Stop and smell the rose-flavored tang yuan.

Amidst our fast material lives, there is beauty in unity, in fun beyond the screen, in superstitious exercises to bring good fortune. And while holidays provide opportunities to reconnect, this blog itself allows me to connect with you, a community linked by curiosity.

  • Learn from a detailed synopsis of each holiday
  • Relatability, regardless of your background
  • Laughs

Try stuff out!

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