Hate Crime Pamphlet

In response to the uptick anti-Asian hate crimes of late February 2021, I expressed my anger at the rise in anti-Asian American violence and compiled a list of resources. Throughout these past few weeks, I––alongside several American friends––created a pamphlet on how to identify and report hate crimes in New Jersey, USA. We extensively researchedContinue reading “Hate Crime Pamphlet”

Addressing Anti-Asian American violence: resources

While this blog customarily celebrates Chinese culture as a way to advocate for a broader understanding of our cultural richness, I can’t find myself posting DIYs and recipes––celebrations of my culture––without confronting that my culture is right now not being celebrated, but rather viewed as a persistent virus. Watching surveillance videos of elderlies resembling myContinue reading “Addressing Anti-Asian American violence: resources”

No-Steam, No-Bake Red Bean Cake: Summer Edition

Summers are hot, the canned tea sweating and the crickets screeching, sizzling, and hissing throughout the night. Summers bring the true, raw form of everyone; it is a time to tell stories of cooler, drier days while snacking on something chilled. My mom still remembers my da da 大大(grandfather) and my da yi ye 大姨爷Continue reading “No-Steam, No-Bake Red Bean Cake: Summer Edition”

Summer Self-Healing Tea

On our second Here’s The Tea post––exploring herbal medicine and its many holistic and clinical alleviations––we will be brewing a self-help book in a cup. Yes, the herb xià kū cǎo 夏枯草 directly translates to “self-heal”, or otherwise known as Prunella Vulgaris. Doesn’t this sound like some Disney princess movie villain, one with water andContinue reading “Summer Self-Healing Tea”