Hibiscus Plum Drink or Suan Mei Tang 酸梅汤

There’s something so refreshing and consuming about staying at home on a hot summer day. Losing sense of time yet drowning in it. Cut off from your usual Starbucks refresher, here’s a soothing beverage so the only cool and tall thing that’s sweating is your glass. Suan mei tang 酸梅汤, which directly translates to sourContinue reading “Hibiscus Plum Drink or Suan Mei Tang 酸梅汤”

Qingming Soft Wraps & Filling: Remembering those who have Passed due to COVID-19

I hope you all have been well during this strange, vulnerable crisis. During our darkest hours, we turn to food as a source of comfort, order, and distraction. Unfortunately, Chinese holidays – structured get-togethers studded throughout the year – have barely sustained 2019 due to the global pandemic. After all, unification and intimacy are fundamentalContinue reading “Qingming Soft Wraps & Filling: Remembering those who have Passed due to COVID-19”

Why I Started the #CelebrateTogether Movement

Are you scared? Have you been awoken by the sirens, or the silence that seems to be even more threatening? I fear a lot, and I feel guilty that I fear. It’s a privilege for us to be worrying about boredom, to sit at home inactively, to read the headlines without thought of what’s toContinue reading “Why I Started the #CelebrateTogether Movement”